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Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
secretary of state. republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham have called rice unthus worthy and unqualified for a promotion for her comments that an anti-muslim video triggered the benghazi attack that skilled four americans. president obama insisted the ambassador was simply making a presentation based on the available intelligence and had tough words for the senators. when they go after the u.n. ambassador apparently because they think she's an easy target, then they've got a problem with me. and should i choose, if i think that she would be the best person to serve america in the capacity at the state department department, then i will nominate here. >> eliot: much more on that a little later in the program. the president also reached out to the g.o.p. on immigration reform and offered an idea that he would like to see from congress. >> obama: whatever process we have needs to make sure that border security's strong, needs to deal with employers effectively, needs to provide a pathway for the undocumented here needs to deal with the dream act kids and i think that's some
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
is saying guys change you're approach to this game. >> lindsey graham said that exact statement a month and a half ago and it will mean absolutely nothing. i think the republican party as a national party is on a death spiral. if there was someone who could make that determination hey we've got to reach out to latinos. we've got to reach out to single women. we got to reach out to african-americans not just put them, you know, find a couple and put them on the stage at the convention but have policies that in some way are not antagonistic towards these people. even if there was a voice within the republican party of saying, they're incapable of doing that. there is too much mis-aligned agenda in the party. they've created a frankenstein. it's now running through the streets, and there is nothing that dr. frankenstein can do. >> cenk: i think dr. frankenstein was slain last night, but you're right giving back to the republican convention when the camera would scan across the audience, it was exclusively moon monochromatic. and tokenism was the theme of the moment. it was obviously a fail
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)